Kuwait Airport (KWI) Guide to Kuwait International Airport (KWI)

Kuwait International Airport taxi

Travelling by taxi seems to be one of the most suitable ways to transfer to and through downtown for its comfort and efficiency, even though they tend to be expensive.

In that sense, getting from Kuwait Airport to Kuwait City will just take you from 20 up to 30 minutes, since it is located at 16 kilometres from the city centre.

Some cabs in Kuwait just don’t have meter – You would better negotiate with the driver to get a reasonable fare. Our recommendation is to only board official airport cabs as they have fixed fares so you won’t be overcharged. They are easily recognizable for having the printed fee with the fixed fares inside the vehicle.

In Kuwait you can find several kinds of taxis: White (call taxis), white and beige (Kuwait City cabs) and orange coloured cabs (fixed route taxis). Additionally, there is just one kind of taxis which is allowed to access to hotels – You’ll easily recognize them by the orange plate.


Taxi ranks can be found outside Terminal 1. They are available 24/7.


The following taxi companies are available in Kuwait Airport:

- Kuds Taxi: +965 241 3414
- Taxi Makati: +965 5753003
- Salem Taxi: +965 5617933
- Middle East Taxi: +965 5726644
- Emirates Taxi: +965 24745006 / 24745007


The fixed fare to transfer from Kuwait Airport to the city centre is of KD 8.00.

Note that night surcharge may be applied at certain hours.

The taxi drivers speak few English – You’d better knew some Arabic words to make you understand, show a map or to be accompanied by someone who speaks Arabic.

For lone female travellers it is better to sit at the back and not to travel alone in a taxi after sunset.

Share a car

Sharing car apps are a useful way to get to your destination at a reduced cost comparing to the above options. You can consider to share your ride with more people or simply join another one’s trip.

Apps like Uber may be useful for your trip to any of the cities nearby.